Davids 1991 318is

Destined For The Chariot

We all have our own roots. Whether it be late-night/early-morning wrenching with dad, or that uncle or cousin who had that car that got your heart beating fast when they took you for a drive. Whatever your roots may be, the experiences that we have during our nurturing years of life change us forever.


David is a close family friend and is an avid car, and now BMW enthusiast. I came to know him through my father, who was at the time mentoring him. When he realized that David had a rich love for cars, my father made it a point to invite David over any evening he was working on our own BMW’s. It is through these meetings how we got to know each other. Even though our meeting was unconventional, David and myself share a very rare common passion. BMW’s with fitment. 

Eventually over enough time spent around us, the BMW bug started to hit David bad. He began to look for a used e30 that was within his price range on the local classifieds and forums, but wasn’t finding anything satisfying. Then one evening the strangest thing happened.

As we sat watching videos of old 1602’s and 2002’s with some friends one evening, wishing we could find one in mint condition, my father came upon a revelation. He remembered going to one of his friends old properties and seeing a mint E30 sitting there, waiting to be driven. 

After a short drive and a quick look-around in the dark with a flashlight, David knew that this was the car he had been searching for. The next day the 1991 BMW 318is was in his driveway. Since then there have only been a few things needed to get the car up to running standards, including a new clutch, a well suited short shifter, and a new front left control arm. Other than that, the car was mint.  With no rust and an under-body in immaculate shape, we all knew this was a gem.


To get the car a bit lower to Earth David threw on some JOM Blueline coil-overs  The fronts are turned down all the way, and the backs have the adjusters removed along with the pads. To protect his innards from spilling all over the road, he got a skid plate to cover up the oil pan. Davids daily driver is tastefully done in a way that both BMW purists and Stance fanatics can both appreciate.

Its one thing to read about someone else’s roots, but its a totally next thing to be a part of it. David is one of my best friends and to see his progress into the life of BMW’s is more than just exciting, its inspiring.

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